Application Development

and User Interfaces

We specialize in building applications that solve problems. Our focus is on application development using Ruby (Ruby on Rails) and Javascript (Node.js) languages.  As for deploying your application, we can do that just about anywhere.


Examples of Our Work

Industries we've developed applications for include biotechnology, renewable energy, healthcare, automotive, recruiting, and security. 

winddataio logo
Wind Resource Assessment

WindData i/o is an application that organically grew through a project with Alpha Energy.  AE needed a dashboard to display wind resource assessment data... but we didn't end there.

bioforce logo
Biotechnology CRM / Workflow

BioServe required a workflow application that would speed up the sales cycle and handle communications between the clients, sales team, and database specialists.  We named it BioForce.

stackable cms logo
Content Management System

Stackable is an internal CMS that we developed to assist in building websites for our clients.  It has evolved into a platform for more than just website development.

Application Development

We follow Agile development practices, but nothing is concrete.  In the simplest explanation, we build software through small iterations, with approval each step of the way.  We have a "no suprises" policy and maintain clear communication throughout the project.  We test but do not dwell on full coverage. (We use the time saved for feature advancement).  

agile lifecycle

Preferred Application Stack:

Amazon EC2

S3, CloudFront, Route 53, RDS...

Ubuntu (Server OS)

Preferred Linux Flavor


Fast and Secure Reverse Proxy


Ruby, Ruby on Rails


Node.js, AngularJS, Knockout.js, jQuery


Blending a tradtional relational database with NoSQL (Hstore)


Everything starts with a Bootstrap base.


Somewhat of a given.


Less.js, and Sass

I would love to build the next application that optimizes the way you do business.

By the way, my name is Steven Carmo. I'm a Full-Stack Application Developer and have been doing this for the past 14 years.  I'm looking to become involved in a company that's looking to build great applications (contract and/or full-time). The quickest way to contact me is to complete the information request.  I'll reply to your request today.

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I look forward to speaking with you.