Publishing a Blog Post

Publishing a Blog Post

Getting Started

On the "Blog Post Listings" page, select the options dropdown of the post you would like to publish and click "Publish Settings".   alternatively you can click the calender button in the "Published Date" column.

Blog post publish settings selection

Publish Settings Sidebar

Blog post publish settings sidebar 


1. Publish

Publish blog post button on

On: Blog post will be live if used with a combination with a "Publish Date" in the past.

If used with a "Publish Date" in the future, the post with be scheduled to publish.  The post will become live / viewable to the public at the date and time of the future "Publish Date".

Publish blog post button off

Off: Blog post is unpublished.

2. Analytics

Google analytics button on

On: Google Analytics script will be added to the Post

Google analytics button off

Off: Google Analytics script will not be added.  No tracking will occur.

3. Sitemap

Sitemap.xml button on

On: The blog post will be added to the sitemap.xml file (when published).

Sitemap.xml button off

Off: Blog Post will be hidden from the sitemap.xml file.

4. Publish Date

blog post publish date selector

When the publish sidebar is opened, the current date and time will be displayed in the publish date field.  This can be easily modified by clicking the calender icon to pull up the date/time chooser.


Click the checkmark to save.

Next Steps

1. Send an automated mailer with blog post (coming soon).